Case:29 40-year-old male Inpatient duration: June 23, 2016 ~ August 22,


Immediate improvement of severe atopic dermatitis

In childhood, allergic symptoms was just like allergic rhinitis, there was no atopic dermatitis, but atopic dermatitis occurred in the face and neck area from the second year of high school, and it was coped with the publicly available steroid topical medicine.

In the 2nd year of university, it became worse on the face center and he changed to a strong type of topical medicine, but it became poor control, and after 2 weeks of hospitalization treatment, dermatitis improved. He went to the hospital for a while, but after that his symptom became stable for several years without treatment.

After moving at age 24, symptoms worsened mainly in the face and resumed steroids. But the effect was obtained by spa therapy and the symptom improved in 1 year, steroids became unnecessary, spa therapy was stopped halfway.

At September 2015, atopic dermatitis deteriorated from job change, resuming steroid use and improved. He retired in April 2016 and returned to his parents’ home, but atopic dermatitis recurred mainly in the neck and arms. He resumed steroid topical application but got worse systemically. He attempted a spa therapy that had an effect before but he could not improve it, He was hospitalized knowing our HP on the Internet.

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Although it was a 2-month inpatient treatment, the effect of BSC was obvious, at 1 month from hospitalization, TARC decreased to 1/6 and POEM decreased to 1/3. BSC continued even after discharge, further improvement was obtained.

Spontaneous immune adjuvant therapy with BSC corrects immunodeficiency of atopic dermatitis caused by absence of various bacteria in the immunogenic stage of infancy, which is the cause of atopic dermatitis . It is the only causative therapy that improves atopic dermatitis by immune conversion and it differs greatly from symptomatic treatment by immunosuppression using steroids and Calcineurin inhibitors (protopic etc.).

Restoration of innate immunity improves not only atopy but also infection prevention function against bacteria and viruses and immune function to suppress cancer, making it more healthy.
Unlike folk remedies where treatment basis is not clear, clear effects are obtained in at least 95% of cases.