Case: 28 65-year-old male hospitalization period: June 2, 2016 to August 27,


He is a sportsman but atopic dermatitis from infancy

After birth, eczema occurred by milk powder and then it became chronic. At school age there was atopic dermatitis in the neck, face and topical use of steroid was done. While he was a student, he had general symptoms, but he was under treatment for steroid topical application.

He was doing activities in the sports club, especially in the summer, it tended to get worse with sweating. The steroids were controlled using Mild – Very Strong type. After employment, even when using a steroid from about 45 years of age, the symptom got deteriorated. The conition was controlled using acupuncture and moxibustion, isodin in combination. From the age of 55 he improved with diet therapy and folk remedies, and he was able to stop steroids.

However, since 2015, he became a professional sports team coach and sweating increases. Atopic dermatitis began to deteriorate from the face in March 2016 and it expanded to the whole body and it became accompanied by chills, became difficult even in daily life and he was admitted to our hospital.

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Progress after hospitalization

Systemic erythema, keratinized desquamation, lesions accompanied by lichenification and seborrheic changes in the forehead and severe atopic dermatitis accompanied by bilan on the back of the body were observed at the time of admission and chills occurred. Clear effects were obtained at BSC and TARC decreased to 1/5 in 1 month from hospitalization. At the 3rd month, the subjective symptom POEM also decreased to almost normal value.

Currently he returned to a coach job, but the control of atopic dermatitis is good. Although IgE of blood test is rising, IgE is originally not a marker of dermatitis but an approximate allergy tendency, and in many cases falls in half a year to one year.