Case:30 38 years old female Hospital stay Jun-Aug 2016


Severe atopic dermatitis that could not be controlled with steroids

At 25 years old, atopic dermatitis occurred systemically after childbirth, and it was controlled by steroid external application.She tried steroids on her own by 36 years old, but she could not tolerate the deterioration of inflammation and she got frustrated in two weeks. After that, mild type steroid was used for her face and very strong topical steroid was used for the body part. every day. At 37 years old, she became unable to control the redness and swelling of the face due to rash against cosmetics , and it became impossible to improve redness even with steroid topical or internal use. Protopic was used, but herpes simplex infection (Kaposi) occurred and stopped using it. Every day She continued steroid topical application to the whole body, but her redness of her face did not improve, she was worried because exudates started to flow out of the scalp, and she was hospitalized in Osaka’s Department of Hospital. Her symptom was improved somehow in 2 months and she was discharged from the hospital and tried steroid-free at a nearby doctor. However, it was deteriorated to its original condition in one month after discharge due to rough hands.After that she went to the hospital for 3 months and treated her at home, but the systemic atopic dermatitis, including the face, remained unchanged. While looking for other treatments without prospects for improvement, she found our hospital on the Internet and was hospitalized.

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Progress after hospitalization

At the time of admission, there are erythema of the whole body including face, strong desquamation (keratosis peeling of the skin), scratching and strong pruritus (itching), such a swollen fingers that rings can not be removed.
Symptoms are strong, BSC (Bacillus spa care) was started while combining antiallergic drugs. The response was slow, but inflammation was definitely reduced.
Originally it requires 3 months, but she could not wait because child rearing was waiting, so TARC fell to 1/3 in about 2 months from hospitalization, so she left the hospital at this time and after leaving home she got BSC at home.
At the outpatient visit after about 3 months after discharging, atopic dermatitis improved dramatically, only dry skin left. Each inflammatory marker is a little more than normal.
Activation of original natural immunity by BSC clearly functions as adjuvant therapy (allergy immunotherapy) of allergy immunity.
Continuing BSC at home after getting out from bad situation at hospitalization and , continuing innate immune stimulation, the immunity approaches more original condition, gradually you become able to maintain healthy skin even if bathing time is short gradually.