Case:32 36 years old female Hospital stay Sep-Nov 2017


She got confidence from my withdrawal for 8 years and left the hospital

Eczema of hands occurred from kindergarten days and she could not hold a pencil and steroids were used for external use. Upon entering elementary school, atopic dermatitis gradually expanded systemically, and asthma also began to be added from the third grade of elementary school. After that, she controlled it with steroids and external petrolatum, pigmentation gradually occurred in high school days, but club activities were also possible. It got worse since she entered college and started living alone. Stereoid external use was also strengthened but pigmentation and stiffness gradually expanded.

After finding employment, the effect of steroid topical application gradually faded in late 20s, atopic dermatitis became sustained and determined to stop steroid. At rebound, atopic dermatitis worsened systemically and retired. After two years she stayed at bed at home and dermatitis persisted even after five years. As the pus smell continued, the withdrawal life lasted eight years. It was hard to get up due to skin dryness and cracking pain.
She learned about our hospital on the Internet, she was hospitalized with her family assistance from my home in Kyushu. The results at the time of admission were IgE 34935, TARC 4396 pg / ml, eosinophil 15.9%, systemic dry dermatitis including the face.

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Progress after hospitalization

Dermatitis has become chronic in a long period of 8 years since steroid-free and though there is no acute inflammation such as exudation or redness, but keratinization, lichenification progresses, collagen structure of the skin was broken, flexibility and original texture ( Kimete) had been lost. Although TARC is not high, there are many patients staying with this chronic dry dermatitis after steroid-free therapy.
After hospitalization there was insomnia due to itching and cracking pain and complex from the withdrawal life, there was also anxiety, but while living with many patients with severe atopy, By BSC and daily therapy, she realized that she was able to overcome the disease. She regained confidence and she was discharged from the hospital. At discharge, TARC 1643, eosinophils improved to 11.3%. The pain of the skin crack disappeared, and the flexibility of the skin also recovered.

At 1 month and a half after discharge, the skin improved further and she told me that she was going to work in 2 months.

I would like more people to know that you change eighth year home withdrawal life by activating natural immunity by natural therapy without using steroids or protopic.