Case:34 40s female Hospital stay April-July 2018


Activation of innate immunity, the causative therapy, brings stable and safe control

Around 3 years old, eczema like heat rash appeared in the flexed part of the limb, and he came to see dermatologic department of nearby doctor and received treatment of topical steroid. In elementary school upper grade, he managed to control without external application of steroid by starting healthy equipment and traditional Chinese medicine. From high school third grader to the university graduation, he only used moisturizer. Even after finding employment he occasionally used steroid topical use, but eczema developed from legs in September 2015. He used very strong type steroid, but it also expanded to limbs and body trunks.
He was transferred to our hospital in April 2017 and received steroid-free therapy for 3 months, but his dermatitis worsened. Exudates formed from the scalp, treated with steroid topical application, drip infusion, injection, but no improvement was obtained.

In July 2017, he was transferred to a new facility (diet therapy, a medical institution conducting wave treatment) and was hospitalized. Although it was a recovery trend for the first two weeks, after that, no improvement was obtained, and the staff of the facility taught him our hospital .

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Progress after hospitalization

As shown by IgE 51234 and TARC 29795, acute severe dermatitis accompanied by systemic redness, swelling and keratinization caused exudate from the head, a large amount of yellow bacterium infection was found in the stamp culture medium. A large amount of plasma components leaked out from the skin, so it was in a low protein state. At the time of admission, foot edema was remarkable and overall pruritus was strong, and the POEM was 28 full marks. However, the effect of BSC was clear, TARC decreased to 1/4 or less after 1 month, and it decreased to 1/10 or less after 2 months. Improvement was going well even after that, the whole body redness, swelling, keratinization improved and he was discharged. He returned to work. General steroid-free therapy and folk remedies are lacking in scientific argument, the hypothesis and the effect are ambiguous. Also, steroid protopic therapy is a symptomatic treatment as a simple immunosuppression, which is far from the cause therapy. The activation of innate immunity, which is the cause therapy, brings about stable and safe control.