Case: 26 28 years old Female hospital stay: March 7, 2016 ~ June 7,


Onset of atopic dermatitis from 2 months old. From 3 months it becomes whole body dermatitis and steroid topical was used.

The steroids were used for 10 years, after that she stepped out of steroids and did folk remedies only. However, face was rustling and dermatitis had always occurred in almost 30% of the whole body area.
At 20 years old, steroid topical application was used for several days but it worsened as rebound with exudate. Since then, she began to avoid extra steroids. After that, she did not see doctors and moderate atopic dermatitis, mainly in the upper body, continued while repeating exacerbation / withdrawal.

Due to the deterioration of dermatitis, long-term employment continuity was difficult and short-term employment was repeated. Although she was working at the current workplace for one year, gradually her skin dizziness worsened systemically and she got hospitalized because she became difficult to work.

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Treatment for 3 months was carried out. The value of TARC 2418 LDH 312 at the time of hospitalization dropped to nearly normal level with TARC 454 LDH 121 in one month. After that, it improved smoothly, POEM which is a subjective symptom score also decreased to 25 → 4. I think that making it possible to make your own life plan without being bothered by illness by obtaining control measures of atopic dermatitis would enrich your life.