Case:38 40s female Hospital stay April-July 2018


Improvement of the most severe atopic dermatitis of TARC 43000

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Atopic dermatitis occurred in the face and limb flexion area from the second year of high school, and steroid and protopic was used as appropriate, but worsened at the timing of job hunting, alcohol drinking, seasonal change. At the time of deterioration, celestamine (oral steroid dosage) was added for 1 to 2 weeks and controled. She continued this therapy for 20 years.

From 36 years of age, dermatitis became chronic, and berry-strong steroids were applied to the body part, and mild (moderate) type steroid + protopic was applied daily to the face. Worsened after 2017 marriage. She got pregnant in 2018 and worsened more rapidly. After miscarriage, steroid external use became ineffective, and it got even worse. Her sister was also severe atopic dermatitis and she got well at our hospital so she selected hospitalization at our hospital.

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Progress after hospitalization

A rebound occurs because steroid use was stopped at the same time as hospitalization, but the rebound was kept light by BSC (bio bathing). However, since she had been doing immunosuppressive therapy by steroid for many years, dermatitis worsened temporarily even after hospitalization, improvement of atopic dermatitis started one month after hospitalization. TARC decreased to 1/4 at the end of 2 months from hospitalization and it fell to 1/10 at discharge. Weight also reduced by 13 kg by fermented brown rice diet, and she got slim body shape. The skin also improved smoothly at the outpatient examination after discharge, and the skin became cleaner greatlly.

In this case, when steroid therapy came to its limit, the stress by changes in the living environment at marriage and immune change due to pregnancy were overlapped and the symptom deteriorated. In general, atopic dermatitis is said to be severe at TARC 3000 and above, and is said to be the most severe at more than 6000, but in this case the TARC exceeding 40 000 has declined wonderfully.

Most of the modern people have failed to form immunity in early childhood and allergy immunity is overkilling, but this case shows how excellent the efficacy of innate immunity activation therapy is. In BSC, immunity returns to its natural state, so pregnancy is very successful in many cases, and We look forward to the future.